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LOS ANGELES - The final show won't air for nearly five months, but in one sense, "Friends" will be over by next weekend.
The show's cast read the script of series finale together on Monday (Jan. 12), and the episode -- the 18th and final one in the series' 10th season -- will tape next week. The one-hour finale is scheduled to air Thursday, May 6.
As might be expected, the cast and executive producers of "Friends" feel a little ambivalent about ending their time together.
"I kind of imagine that it must be what it's like to get divorced from someone you still love, when you still have all the good feelings and you care so deeply," co-creator Marta Kauffman told a crowd of TV critics Tuesday on the show's set at Warner Bros. "You know it's the right time and the right thing, [but] it doesn't make it any less painful."
On the subject of hurting, star Jennifer Aniston says, "We're like very delicate china right now. And we're speeding toward a brick wall, inevitable pain. ... So that sounds fun, huh?"
Having seen the final script, the cast members say they're pretty happy with how the series wraps up -- which is, no surprise here, a big secret. Kauffman says certain scenes will be shot before the audience taping next week, with only "essential" crew members on the set, to keep the ending under wraps.
Kauffman and partner David Crane say they watched the final episodes of a number of other shows, citing "Mary Tyler Moore," "Newhart and "The Larry Sanders Show" as examples of how to do an ending right. What they found was that their favorites for the most part stuck to the established tone and rhythm of the series.
"We didn't want to do something high-concept or take the [finale] out of the world of the show," Crane says. "It's hopefully a really good episode of 'Friends,' but it's [still] an episode of 'Friends.'"
Knowing all that, however, didn't make it any easier for Kauffman and Crane to write the final scene. In fact, they didn't write it, deciding to end instead with what had been the penultimate scene.
"There was a last scene planned," Crane says. "And Marta and I -- everything else was written. The script was written. One scene ..."
"Stage directions written," Kauffman says.
"Yeah, the fade in, fade out, the whole thing," Crane continues, "and in the middle -- nothing. And we kept pitching line after line after line, and we ultimately didn't do it. It's not in the script because we went, 'Well, obviously it can't be written, but if it ended here then it's over.' And it's done. That's how we ended it."

(15 gennaio 2004 - ZAP2IT.COM)

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