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Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt- Truly Madly Deeply

Brad Pitt e Jennifer Aniston alla premiere di "Rock Star" nel settembre 2001

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston share dog-walking chores, a sense of humor, a new seaside getaway -- and, after 16 months of marriage, the look of love.
You'd think the 50,000 flowers, four bands, a fireworks display and the platinum-and-diamond ring it took her husband seven months to design would have driven home the point. But shortly after marrying Brad Pitt in an estimated $1 million ceremony in Malibu in July 2000, Jennifer Aniston felt the need to seal their promise with one more detail: new note cards. "I asked what name she wanted on the top," says Los Angeles letterpress artist Claudia Laub. " 'Jennifer Aniston,' 'Jennifer Aniston Pitt,' 'Jennifer Aniston-Pitt' or 'Jennifer Pitt.'" Talk about no-brainers. Running across the 5-in.-by-7-in. off-white cards Aniston now sends to friends are the letters JENNIFER PITT, 12-point Egmont font, all caps. "They marked a rite of passage," says Laub. "Most people start with 100 cards. I think the fact that she ordered 250 says she's not letting this one go. This person is totally planning to stay married."

La coppia con George ClooneyIn a town where even the most solid-seeming partnerships -- from Tom and Nicole to Meg and Dennis -- are just an irreconcilable difference away from divorce court, Aniston's plan is an ambitious one. Sixteen months after Pitt swore to love, honor and "split the difference on the thermostat" with her till death do them part, friends figure Mrs. Pitt could have upped her stationery order tenfold. "If anyone's going to make it," says their singer pal Melissa Etheridge, "they are." What makes the Pitts, in the context of showbiz couples, extraordinary? According to Aniston's friend Kathy Najimy, their ability to be simply ordinary. "There's no insecurity going on," says Najimy. "They're themselves. They do the things you and I do: go to restaurants, play games, go to work, go on trips. They really, truly are in love with each other."

That was clear to everyone on the set of Friends when Pitt, 37, filmed his much publicized appearance alongside Aniston, 32, in the Thanksgiving episode. While offscreen the couple spent the holiday at the L.A. wedding of Aniston's manager Marc Gurvitz, onscreen they gave NBC's hit show -- watched by 13 million households -- its No. 1 ranking. Perhaps most tickled by the episode were the mister and missus themselves. Rehearsing the show for four days before taping on Nov. 2, they had "a blast," says a source. Adds producer Douglas Wick, who worked with Pitt on the just released Spy Game: "The chemistry between him and Jennifer is adorable."

And it's the simple gestures that have come to matter most. Witness the way Pitt kept his arm around Aniston's waist, clutching the back of her black leather skirt at the L.A. premiere of Spy Game Nov. 19 -- and responding immediately when, several hours later, his wife tugged at his sleeve in a silent bid to go home. Little wonder Aniston makes sure to find time on a girls' night out to check in with her husband on her cell phone. "She's very affectionate with him," says Najimy. "He makes her feel grounded and whole and smart." And she makes him feel like Fred Astaire -- which is no small feat. At a Jane's Addiction concert at the Hollywood Bowl on a recent Saturday night, Pitt took to the aisles and wowed onlookers with his, well, unusual moves. Says one: "He dances very herky-jerky."Brad, Jennifer e il padre di lei, l'attore John Aniston

Aniston could not have cared less. "It's very cool when you have your best friend at your side," she says of her life with Pitt, whom she met on a date set up by their reps in 1998. The feeling is mutual. "If you can find someone who can stand you for 24 hours a day," Pitt said of his contentment playing husband, "I highly recommend it." Nor does he pass up a moment to show it: During the Friends rehearsal and shoot, Pitt got to share the dressing room where Aniston has their wedding photo propped up -- the same room he filled with roses last Valentine's Day, spelling out "I Love My Wife" in petals on the wall. And during filming of Ocean's Eleven this past spring, "he flew home every time he had off, even for 24 hours, to see her," says producer Jerry Weintraub. When they're together, "they don't take their eyes off each other. They touch and kiss each other."

But it's not, like, you know, gross or anything. "They're not like two 14-year-olds learning to kiss," says their friend, Manhattan-based stylist John Sahag, adding that he is taken by the "mature, intelligent affection" the two show each other -- whether working, doing art projects together (Pitt was hands-on in the design and renovation of their Hollywood Hills studio; Aniston draws and sculpts) or just cracking each other up. "They're both funny," says one friend. "They're very, very much alike. They have the same appreciation for aesthetics, a shared love of antiques. They are like the same person, only he's a guy and she's a girl."

Brad e Jennifer nell'aprile 2001Not that things between them are always camera-ready. Pitt, for example, has confided that among matrimony's better privileges is being able to "(pass wind) and eat ice cream in bed." But it seems life for Hollywood's reigning couple (she makes $750,000 per Friends episode; he makes $20 million a film) is a fine blend -- one part premieres and Prada, one part "Honey, can you walk the six dogs?" On a typical day the two wake up and take care of her Corgi mix Norman and Pitt's five mixed-breeds. Then comes the one meal they actually know how to prepare: "I pour a mean bowl of cereal," boasts Pitt. "She makes a mean milk shake." Later in the day Aniston pops into one of her two vehicles -- a 1999 Land Rover or a 2000 Jaguar sedan -- and drives to the Warner lot, where she spends at least five hours rehearsing and filming Friends. Occasionally Pitt drops by just to eat pizza, watch his wife work and hang with the boys. Says a source on the set: "He'll play video games in David Schwimmer's room or talk cars with Matt LeBlanc."
The work day done, the couple's dinners together also tend to be low-key affairs. A favorite restaurant is the casual Hollywood eatery Marix Tex Mex Cafe. But better yet is the living room couch. As Aniston told Jay Leno in February, "I don't cook. I thaw. And I microwave. And I order in real well." Indeed, the perfect evening chez Pitt is order-in pizza for him, Mexican for her, red wine and an old movie. There will be plenty of space for such cozy get-togethers in the $14 million, six-bedroom French Provincial-style Beverly Hills estate they bought in June. But if they plan to spend a night on the $4 million, 11.5-acre beachfront property they bought last year near Santa Barbara, they might have to skip the movie. There are only three structures on the land, all, in the words of neighbor Leslie Pinkerton, "broken-down surf shacks." Not that Pitt plans to hang 10 anytime soon; says Kerry Mormann, a Realtor who showed the Pitts some land in the area: "He doesn't like sharks."

Un dolce bacio tra Brad e Jennifer

(December 2001 - PEOPLE)

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