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Jennifer Aniston - Most Memorable Hairdo!

Hairstyle: The Rachel - 1995

Aniston's sexy, just-fell-out-of-bed hairdo - which caught the country by storm when Friends premiered in 1994 - was one of the most imitated and coveted styles of the 20th century, according to celebrity stylist Serge Normant, author of Femme Fatale: Famous Beauties Then and Now. "The Rachel," created by Chris McMillan at L.A.'s Estilo Salon, and seen here on the star in 1995, soon was synonymous with the actress and became one of the hottest topics of conversation at watercoolers around the country.

Does it look better choppy or one length? Is it lighter on this season's Friends than last? If it all fell out, would we still love her? Schatzman thinks so. "She's just likeable. You could put any look on (her). She's got a cute body and a cute face and she's got a nice neckline and pretty eyes. And she's very available. And I think that's what people are attracted to," he says. Rothkop is more cynical: "The old saying 'Your hair's the most important accessory' is true in her case."

(March 3, 2002 - PEOPLE)

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