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Realizzazione Antonio Genna

Il mondo dei doppiatori
Foto di Giorgia Locuratolo

File audio: la voce di Giorgia Locuratolo nel film "School of Rock", in cui doppia Maryam Hassan.

Nata a Roma nel 1990, figlia del doppiatore Giorgio Locuratolo.

Alcuni attori e personaggi doppiati:
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead in "Swiss Army Man - Un amico multiuso" (Sarah Johnson)

  • Maryam Hassan in "School of Rock" (Tomika)

  • Cariella Smith in "Auguri per la tua morte" (Becky Shepard)

  • Isabella Rakete in "Broken - Una vita spezzata" (Susan Oswald)

  • Melonie Diaz in "Mr Cobbler e la Bottega Magica" (Carmen, ridopp.)

  • Veronica Ferres in "Pay The Ghost" (Hannah, ridopp.)

  • Rocki DuCharme in "Laggies – Dimmi quando" (Savannah da giovane)

  • Evelyne Brochu in "Politecnico" (Stephanie)

  • Ella Smith in "St. Trinians II – Il Tesoro Di Fritton" (Lucy)

  • Violette Blanckaert in "Monsieur Batignole" (Sarah Cohen)

  • Te Ahorangi Retimana-Martin in "The Dark Horse" (Rusty)

  • Paris Warner in "Riot – In Rivolta" (Olesya)

  • "Seven Sisters" (Madre)

  • "Coco"

  • "Cars 3"

  • "Lego Ninjago - Il film"

  • Stephanie Bennett in "Descendants" (Biancaneve)

  • Francesca Eastwood in "True Crime – Fino a prova contraria"

  • Kaya Scodelario in "Tiger House" (Kelly)

  • Gemma Atkinson in "Devil’s Pass - Il passo del Diavolo" (Denise Evers)

  • Liana Liberato in "To the Bone – Fino all’Osso" (Kelly)

  • Grace Van Patten in "The Wilde Wedding" (Mackenzie)

  • Lexi Giovagnoli in "All Hallow’s Eve" (Eve Hallow)

  • Emily Roeske in "Halloweentown" (Sophie Piper)

  • Stella Hudgens in "16 anni: scomparsa" (Janelle)

  • Lisa Marie Caruk in "My Neighbour’s Keeper" (Stephanie)

  • Liz. E. Morgan in "The Remaining" (Sam)

  • Katie Findlay in " After The Dark" (Bonnie)

  • Sarah Armstrong in "All You Need is Me" (Tess)

  • Adriana Ugarte in "Castillos De Carton" (Josè)

  • Abby Corrigan in "The Ultimate Life" (Gigi)

  • Kristine Cofsky in "Finding Mrs Claus" (Brandy)

  • Rose Shalloo in "The Scandalous Lady W" (Hannah Commander)

  • Kalinka Petrie in "Summer Villa" (Robyn)

  • Jessica Lee Keller in "It Happened One Valentine’s Day" (Kendra)

  • Kelsey Sandoval in "Christmas With The Andersons" (Mary)

  • Trie Donovan in "Tell The World" (Prudence Bates)

  • Maruia Shelton in "Blunt Force Trauma" (Wesley)

  • Joss Waleska in "The First" (Elena)

  • Lucy DeVito in "A Cinderella Christmas" (Lara)

  • Hollie Burrows in "Viking Legacy" (Orlaith)

  • Elise DuQuette in "Vengeance: A Love Story" (Wendy)

  • Teresa Biter in "1 Chance 2 Dance" (Jude)

  • Alexandria DeBerry in "My Teacher, My Obsession" (Tricia)

  • Paris Berelc in "#Squad Goals" (Brittany)

  • Lilly Blacker in "Second Chance" (Erin Bishop)

  • Elsie Fisher in "Gutshot Straight" (Stephanie)

  • Danielle Sherrick in "Aftermath" (Nadiya)

  • Finn Atkins in "Eden Lake" (Paige)

  • Laura Ashley Samuels in "The Cheating Pact" (Kylie Hamilton)

  • Linn Taule in "Varg Veum – Fallen Angel" (Ruth)

  • Nicolette Pierini in "The Magic On Belle Isle" (Flora O’Neil)

  • Kayla Ewell in "10 Year Reunion" (Patty)

  • Carine Rice in "Road Less Traveled" (Laila)

  • Michelle DeFraites in "The Student" (Claire)

  • Jovana Stojiljkovic in "My Daughter is Missing – The Disappeared" (Laura)

  • Felicity Price in "Heartthrob" (Colette)

  • Logan Lindholm in "A Woman Betrayed" (Alec Griffith)

  • Brianna Lee Johnson in "7 Below" (Elizabeth McKnight)

  • Samantha Schimmer in "Deadly Sorority" (Bree Jones)

  • Kate Mansi in "Unwanted Guest" (Amy)

  • Nthenya Ndunda in "Accidentally Engaged" (Veronica)

  • Rachel Resheff in "Annabelle Hooper and The Ghost Of Nantucket"

  • Tess Fowler in "Raising the Bar" (Jess)

  • Eva Bella in "Jessica Darling’s It List" (Sara)

  • Brooke Markham in "Deidra & Laney Rob a Train" (Claire)

  • Kim Selby in "Lost and Found" (Sally)

  • Yesse Spence in "Drive Hard" (Tessa, ridopp.)

  • Shawn Huff in "Christmas Trade" (Dianne, ridopp.)

  • Victoire Bélézy in "Murder in Aigues-Mortes" (Clémentine Garcia)

  • Wanda Worch in "Mantrailer – Spuren des Verbrechens" (Pia Lohde)

  • "Genitori in blue jeans - The movie" (Eve)

  • Jaz Sinclair in "Le terrificanti avventure di Sabrina" (Rosalind "Roz" Walker)

  • Kiana Ledé in "All About the Washingtons" (Veronica Washington)

  • Anna Lenes in "Henry Danger" (Evelyn Hall)

  • Scarlet Gruber in "Vikki RPM" (Kira)

  • Ellie Kemper in "The Office" (USA) (Erin Hannon)

  • Britt Irvin in "Chesapeake Shores" (Danielle)

  • Autumn Dial in "Sleepy Hollow" (Emily Kates)

  • Elyse Dufour in "Sleepy Hollow" (Lisa)

  • Kelley Missal in "Sleepy Hollow" (Malego)

  • T.V. Carpio in "Rizzoli & Isles" (Zoe Blyer, stag.5)

  • Portia Reiners in "Orange is The New Black" (Tracy)

  • Karen Valero in "Orange is The New Black" (Cat)

  • Riki Lindhome in "Fresh Off The Boat" (Arielle)

  • Marlowe Peyton in "Fresh Off The Boat" (Reba)

  • Beth Keener in "The Walking Dead" (Annie, stag. 6)

  • China Anne McClain in "Bones" (Kathryn Walling, stag.10)

  • Elaine Loh in "Jane The Virgin" (Gretchen)

  • Shelly Bhalla in "Jane The Virgin" (Khrishna)

  • Mani Yarosh in "Blue Bloods" (Ana Marcovic, stag.5)

  • Rachel G. Fox in "CSI Cyber" (Elizabeth Marks, stag.1)

  • Olga Fonda in "Altered Carbon" (Sarah)

  • Kirby Bliss Blanton in "Hawaii Five-0" (Kaia, stag. 6)

  • Philena Franklin in "The Night ShiftI" (Kaylee, stag. 2)

  • Sarah Desjardins in "Supernatural" (Robin bambina, stag. 9)

  • Camille Shotte in "The Missing" (Sara Baptiste)

  • Numina Ducrot in "Kader Chérif" (Eloise)

  • Allyson Lengers in "Detroit 1-8-7" (Lily)

  • Skyler Day in "Constantine" (Miranda)

  • Natalie Bailey in "Conviction" (Karina Jones)

  • Yakira Chambers in "Insecure" (Crystal)

  • Ashley Dulaney in "Chasing Life" (Carly, stag. 2)

  • Mia Serafino in "Shameless" (Gigi)

  • Kristin Villanueva in "Forever" (Gaiya)

  • Fanie Zanini in "Profiling" (Lily)

  • Blandine Bellavoir in "Little Murders" (Albertine)

  • Céline Vitcoq in "Little Murders" (Rose)

  • Blanche Cluzet in "Little Murders" (Marguerite)

  • Melissandre Fortumeau in "Little Murders" (Béatrice)

  • Vera Chok in "Chewing Gum" (Penelope)

  • Ilay Erkök in "Tatli Intikam" (Sezen)

  • I seguenti personaggi:

    • Personaggi vari in "Saving Hope", "The Path", "Mr Robot III", "Squadra Speciale Stoccarda", "Black Mirror"

  • Victoria Camps Medina in "Il segreto" (2011) (Jacinta Ramos)

  • Paula Ballesteros in "Il segreto" (2011) (Marcela del Molino Castaneda)

  • Sandra Lena in "Cuore ribelle" (Rocio)

  • Thali Garcia in "11-11: En mi cuadra nada cuadra" (Sandra Jimenez)

  • İlay Erkök in "Love of My Life" (Sezen)

  • I seguenti personaggi:

    • Delfina in "Las Estrellas"

  • I seguenti personaggi:

    • Kim in "Piovono Polpette - La serie"

    • Barracuda in "Spy Kids"

    • Val in "Vampiri, pirati, alieni: Vampiri"

    • Preside Darling in "Lucky Fred 2"

    • Monica in "Codice Angelo"

    • Eva in "LBX – Little Battlers eXperience"

    • Takeru in "B the Beginning"

    • Kirari/Rariki in "Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler"

    • Suiko in "Vanguard"

    • Natalie/Glitter Ace in "Glitter Force Doki Doki"

    • Urumi in "Children Of The Wales"

    • Servant in "Violet Evergarden"

    • Personaggi vari in "F is For Family", "Sam il Pompiere", "Nature Cat"

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